• Miért azIsoShell?
    Cost effective and energy saving technology, allows a faster and more precise construction, provides a solid and durable structure.
  • Alacsony energiafelhasználás
    Our buildings have perfect thermal insulation, and their energy consumption is very low. The buildings built with IsoShell system have a low to zero energy consumption due to their internal and external thermal insulation, and can be easily turn into a passive house.
  • Gyors, tiszta, precíz kivitelezés
    The elements can be connected without any adhesive or other auxiliary material; our qualified implementers can build the exterior wall structure of a house of 100m2 floor area, even within 3 months.
  • The houses built with IsoShell system are more than 5 times stronger than the buildings of conventional structures.
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Low energy houses
The cost-effectiveness expresses on what cost the same efficacy can be achieved. The most cost-effective process technology is the one with which we can achieve the highest results with the lowest costs.
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The fact if the building is passive house or not, is determined by the standardized Building Rating System. The main parameter of the passive house is that it does not require a conventional heating system; it can be heated up with only a fraction of the average thermal energy consumed nowadays.
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A+ épületek
Just like a refrigerator or an air conditioning device, buildings as well can be rated in an energy classification. The highest rating is A+, and the lowest is G. The rating of the building is based on a complex calculation, and the obtained result will be certified by a licensed expert.
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