About Us

IsoShell aims to play a key role and create value in the designing and construction of low-energy buildings.

The buildings that we create must meet the energy and economic challenges of our time. Our objective is to achieve the lowest power consumption at an affordable price. Our energy-efficient houses include not only the architectural and structural design as well as the implementation process as a turnkey service, but also the designing of different engineering solutions.

Driven by energy efficiency and sustainability principles, and following our customers’ needs we create lasting value. Our construction system components are the own achievements of our company, the result of more than 9 years of experience spent in technical sales and construction. The building cells are 100% made ​​in Hungary, from recyclable materials of the highest quality.


The ICF building system is a globally recognized construction technology that was been developed in Germany, nearly sixty years ago. It has been implemented in most countries of the World from Australia to Canada, and it meets great successes due to the multitude of its benefits. The main difference of the system, compared to conventional masonry, which is as well its biggest advantage, is that we take care of the superstructure and the thermal insulation in one single step during the construction, saving in this way time and energy.

The houses built with IsoShell system, are performing better regarding heating energy saving, than the traditional brick-layer structured houses, sometimes we can experience an energy saving up to 70%.

The thickness of our ICF (insulating concrete form)  elements extend from 25cm up to 40 cm, with the thermal transmittance values of ​​(U = 0.30 to 0.1248 W/m2K) that already meet as well the standards of the energy legislation to be introduced in 2019. With this technology, we can build – from a variety of masonry systems – the most cost effective low-energy houses or ‘passive houses’ as well.

Our system provides the best possible wall thickness/thermal conductivity ratio among the massive building structures, thus we can even calculate the monetary benefits of the area gain with the implementation of our masonry.