IsoShell building system

The IsoShell building system is the representative of the so-called ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) building technology, that plays an important role in the construction of low-energy and sustainable buildings.

Proving our commitment to the energy conscious architecture, our company has developed a new generation of ICF elements, competing with all alternative solutions and challenges, both regarding costs and quality. Beside that it is simple to build in, we can construct with it highly energy efficient house or passive house. The technology itself is not new; it is a German invention that was developed nearly 60 years ago, after the Second World War, when some simple, fast and cost-effective solutions were needed. The invention of the polystyrene foam insulation was at this time as well.

Our blocks consist of an inner and outer thermal cortex, which is an extremely effective insulation, the strength of the 15 cm thick concrete core between them, gives a structure resisting to even massive ground movements, and as heat storage, thermal inertia medium, provides resistance to the external temperature.

The special connection solution of the elements (rabbets) allows to build dry walls without adhesive, and it also provides free of thermal bridge to the inner and outer insulating layers. The development of an uninterrupted, continuous thermic sheath is an important part of the planning, and it is essential to create the thermal shield.

P-09-113-neopor_3033_ENThe carefully selected raw material of our components is the Neopor EPS (expanded polystyrene), which is biologically inert and is 100% recyclable. The material contains graphite particles that function as tiny heat mirrors, thus providing an almost 20% better thermal insulation to our elements. Our building system currently represents the most economical and eco-efficient insulation and construction technology.

1With the help of this technology, and without significant additional costs or extra technical solutions, even the passive house construction becomes possible. The houses built with the IsoShell system, allow the maximum possible energy saving, and at the same time the smallest possible eco-footprint.

The main features of the IsoShell buildings, beside the easy and inexpensive sustainability, is that their building cost does not exceed that of the houses built with conventional technologies, they even show additional benefits already at the structural engineering phase (building and thermal insulation in one step). The thoughtfulness of our building system leads to more accurate, faster and high-quality building construction (thermal insulated + airtight + load-bearing), however, despite its innovative nature allows our own, homemade implementation.



With the help of the rabbets ISS parts can be snapped together dry, without adhesive. It lends the necessary stiffness and stability to the wall while the concrete is being poured in.




Elements can also be stably linked together lengthwise with the help of the V-slots at the ends. Wall elements, lintel elements and ring beam elements can be easily joined.

-unique ISS system feature



With the special parapet element we can close the parapet-wall and make it cold bridge free. It can also be applied to thicken the thermal insulating lower crust of the lintel elements.

The parapet elements are also joined together by rabbets.



Our wall system, can be designed with a 5 cm grid , within which it can be closed and cut anywhere. The remaining parts can be put to use as well, so loss of material is minimal.

-It can be cut anywhere.



Our wall elements and lintel elements come with a 15 cm thick continuous concrete core, which lends the building the required strength and durability.




Our elements are 35 cm tall, so construction takes less time.




Our ring beam element is compatible with any monolithic or readymade slab not thicker than 25 cm.

-Works with any slab.



The plastic spacer was designed specifically to show the least resistance to the liquid concrete being poured in, to prevent nest formation.

It is made from a special plastic and can maintain its flexibility in temperatures as low as -40°C.



The design of our lintel element makes it possible for you to build your doors and windows with an outer reveal which leads reduces heat loss.

-Construction with outer reveal with ISS lintel element



With the parapet element, the thermal insulating lower crust  of the lintel element can be thickened to 10 cm.

– +5 cm thermal insulation



You can get the same  thermal characteristics using less material and energy. The lightening of the wall elements results in reduced ecological footprint.

-3,6% material, 100% thermal insulation