The size of our elements is different from most of the ICF/insulating concrete form/ products, available on the European market. Due to our development, three pieces of building blocks make a square meter, so that we can say that we move faster with the placement of the cells. The masonry work can be carried out even within three days!

The ring beam- and lintel elements have the same thickness than the wall panels, eliminating the need for boards to reach the outer wall surface, thereby saving time, the construction becomes simpler and the quantities are easily controllable.
Due to the easy material handling of our elements, fewer people are needed for the construction of the structure, which also reduces the construction costs and expenditures.

Our blocks dispose of plastic dividing-ribs instead of the first, outdated polystyrene dividing-ribs, for this reason they can be exposed to a much greater load, concrete pressure, during the implementation process.  A cross-linked structure will not be formed, thus we can obtain better results regarding sound insulation and fire protection.

With the special design of the plastic ribs, the concrete masonry cast is uniformly distributed.

The masonries can be cut every 5cm, they can be sluiced, in this way the cutting waste can be reduced even down to zero. Using our construction system, any layout is feasible.

With the help of a hot knife the place of the mechanical tubes can be easily excised, thus resulting in a clear, precise and waste-free workflow.

With the help of our special parapet element, the cold bridge free, advanced rim installation of the doors can be realized in one step.

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